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Responding to Covid-19

Providing insight and strategy for managing COVID-19 communications

In our 20 years we’ve never seen a moment like this, and neither have you. But our 90+ Creative Advocacy experts have the combined skills to help you develop and implement effective strategies to address unexpected challenges due to COVID-19. Whether it’s crisis management or explaining how to manage life after coronavirus, let us help you make sense of this unprecedented time.

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Creative Content & Advertising

A successful message grabs attention, then provokes thought and emotion.

Guided by your target audience and a strategic insight, our team expertly conceives and executes ideas in all modes of communication—from traditional advertising to interactive, and content to video. By making complex issues easy to understand, our experts drive your audience to think, feel, and ultimately, act.

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Government Relations

Crafting and executing advocacy strategies.

Steve Elmendorf, Jimmy Ryan and our bi-partisan team of senior lobbyists are notable for their depth of contacts and breadth of experience. Through strategy, long-term legislative planning and lobbying, our team accomplishes clients’ strategic objectives, advancing their issues to policymakers debating complex proposals.

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Strategic Communications

We bring your perspective to an audience of one, or one million.

Strategic Communications require a deep understanding of the political landscape, policy implications and the pace of news cycles. Whether creating or protecting a brand, placing or stopping a story, our nimble professionals can guide you through an often volatile environment. We take the long and wide view of your situation, providing pathways to relationships with those who matter most.

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